Peace of Mind Program Plans

Computer health maintenance

Think of the PoMP Plan as your wellness program. Well be taking care of you on a regular basis, complete with checkups and virus protection. We keep you up and running.

Emergency response

JCMD is your computer and network life line. Our Emergency Response Unit can be dispatched day or night as needed. Rest assured the doctor IS in!

Level 3 support

Our techs are not recent trade school graduates. We are some of the most experienced computer support professionals in the business. And if we do need outside specialty expertise, our support collaboration network is extensive.

Remote access

House calls are our specialty, but with broadband access we can take care of many of your computer and network issues in real time with remote internet access.

Mind-boggling savings

Okay, so youre probably thinking this kind of security is going to cost an arm and a leg. Not true. In fact, youll save a lot more than you can imagine. Do the math: a qualified, full-time IT guy is a luxury. Youll also be paying him top wages while hes doing the simple stuff when things are running smoothly. Then there is insurance, paid vacations, technology seminars and, well, you get the picture. And the chances are that even the best IT guy will need outside help from time to time that would be us. JCMDs PoMP Plans are effective and affordable.

Now thats peace of mind.